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Monthly Archives: February 2017

Info of Worth Softball Bats

Worth currently makes a large number of various softball bats, fastpitch bats, as well as many other types of sports equipment. Worth softball bats are known for their quality, stability and precision. They are a leader in using advanced technology in their softball bats. This includes the use of titanium and other materials to increase bat performance.

NANO composite frames are used in Worth softball bats, and this helps to greatly increase swing power and speed.

Currently, Worth manufactures many different softball bats including the Mayhem model priced at $299.00. Other models include the PST, EST, Prodigy, Insanity, and the PowerCell. Prices range from as low as $50 all the way up to $300.

The Worth softball bat that is currently gaining a lot of attention in the softball world is the Jeff Hall Mayhem M7 model. New for 2007 this is an extremely limited edition softball bat. Only 2,000 will be produced by Worth. What makes this softball bat so special? The sweet spot is massive. It is one hot bat. The added distance this bat gives you will have you hitting more HR’s than ever before.

If you have ever used the Worth JH120, then you’ll be pleasantly surprised when you pick up this new M7 bat. Words are hard to describe how incredible this softball bat is. It’s simply the finest softball bat I’ve ever used in 20 years of playing the game. As I mentioned though, only 2,000 are being produced, so get yours early!

If you’re looking for the highest quality bat, you can never go wrong by selecting Worth softball bats as your primary equipment.

Information of Baseball Strategies

1. Experience of the advice giver. This is important in determining how much credibility you should give to the proposed strategy. Has he been able to test out this strategy or is this more of mental exercise for him? If he isn’t willing to test his strategy, I would be inclined to pass on it without further support.

2. Key on quantitative results when you can. When you hear a certain baseball strategy proposed, are numbers used to back it up? Also, do these numbers really key in on what is important? If the coach is pushing a strategy and does not have numbers to back it up, you have to wonder how solid a strategy it is. Also, it is important to make sure the numbers used are actually relevant. For instance, if he is using batting average to determine whether a batter should swing away on a 3 and 0 pitch, is this really the best number to use? Wouldn’t slugging percentage be a better number to use because a single is essentially the equivalent of a walk?

3. Don’t be afraid to challenge long standing assumptions. Many things in baseball are the way they are because of custom and tradition. This does not mean they are the best way of doing things. Be willing to challenge certain assumptions. If you can not find legitimate reasons why one should not do something, odds are there are not any.

4. Be willing to be a trailblazer. Don’t be afraid to try out different strategies, especially if they challenge existing assumptions. Just because no one else has thought of it does not mean that it won’t work. Instead, I recommend you test these strategies in situations where the stakes are low. For instance, why not test these strategies in summer league games, pre-season games and regular season games where their impact will be minimal. The idea here is to find strategies that will be successful in the playoffs or helping your team reach the playoffs. By testing your strategies, you get to see first hand how successful or unsuccessful they really are. This is great to know when wondering whether to use one when deep in the playoffs.

Teaching Younger Hitters

The first step to teaching youth baseball drills is to understand the part of the swing that will produce the greatest and quickest positive results in a hitter. The faster a coach can reach an athlete and instill some confidence in the skill of hitter, the more receptive he will be for future coaching as he learns how to play baseball better. The single most important first skill to teach a young athlete is the ability to properly manage his balance while hitting a baseball.

Here are a few techniques to include when teaching your athletes how to play baseball offensively.

1. Make sure that the stance of the athlete is wide enough. The “shoulders width” suggestion doesn’t hold up when one really understands how weight is shifted. The general rule is to position your hitters with their hips inside their knees, and their knees inside their feet. Once a hitter is in this position, and it is difficult to tell if the formula from the previous sentence is in place, he is too narrow at the base and needs to widen his stance.

2. There must be a legitimate transfer of weight onto the back leg as the hitter prepares himself before the baseball is released. Without the ability of a visual here (though I’ll have a complete ebook finished on this topic very soon complete with visuals!), make sure the back knee is roughly above the back shoe. If the back knee has moved to the outside of the back shoe, the weight transfer is too great. This whole process of creating a transfer of weight allows a hitter to create power generating from his backside leg and not only his upper body. I cannot emphasize the importance of this point enough.

3. Once the hitter begins his swing, the back leg which is still housing approximately 60% of the body weight will rotate in what is commonly referred to as the pivot. As the rotation occurs, look to see if the weight and the flex of the back leg is still present. One simple way to tell if this has occurred is see if there is an imaginary vertical line running from inside shoulder through the hip, through the back knee upon finish of the swing.

Conquering Nervousness

Joining various softball tryouts every time there will be a trial that will be held can help you minimize the damaging cause of nervousness in your future endeavor. However, if you are familiar with some outlooks that trigger your nervousness, this could be of more than a help since you can do something to prevent it from conquering your emotion.

So what are those attitudes that you should avoid in order for you to become a successful player in the long run? And what are the things you should do to overcome the feeling of standoffish nervousness?

One way to relatively triumph over the feeling of nervousness is by means of not spending too much attention on others’ capability but focus on your self instead. Comparing yourself to other players who joined the softball tryouts will just make you even more nervous. And you can anticipate as well by yourself alone what will likely to happen when you are too nervous. More mistakes will be proved otherwise and you won’t be able to perform well.

Do you personally realize now if you start comparing yourself to the other participants that you are trying out with? Yes, it might take you away from your own game. And you definitely don’t want that to happen. After all, it’s your dream that is at stake.

While it is easier said than done, strive to do your best to focus on yourself during the softball tryout and learn how to control your own emotions. Give your full attention to what you can do and what you control. Bear this in mind; you can’t control others’ performance. Therefore, don’t pay much concentration to what your fellow players do and just do your own thing.