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Monthly Archives: May 2017

Handle Stress when Baseball Tryout

1. Be prepared for the challenge. As soon as you decide to attend the tryouts, whether it’s 6 months prior or 1 week, begin preparing your body for baseball activity. You notice I stress baseball. Doesn’t matter if you’re just finishing playing basketball or wrestling, although in excellent physical condition, the muscles must be prepared for different actions.

To briefly demonstrate, a wrestler has been training with weights and physical activities which produce muscle, muscle which is designed to grasp, exert maximum strength and provide short explosive reactions.

A baseball player requires elongated muscles for fluid and extended running, arms and shoulders move differently throwing a baseball in comparison to holding a head lock.

The key is to utilize a stretching program which will transform the bulk muscle mass into elongated, yet very powerful muscle. One must remember, building bigger muscle mass, actually tears it, but stretching keeps the muscle from tearing.

Begin throwing, slowly and at short distances, until you can safely expose the arm to long toss and throwing hard. A sure fired bet to not make the team is to show a rocket for an arm the first practice, catching everyone’s’ attention, then short arm weak throws the next day because the arm is sore.

Once you’re physically ready, it’s time to become mentally ready.

2. Unless you’re from a small school and have an automatic spot on the team because there’s only 12 players trying out, you’ll be facing competition numbering between 30 to 100, a daunting site which will make your stomach queasy.

Here’s the key to handling this problem… Every one of them are scared and filled with doubt too. Most people have great difficulty publicly speaking to a large audience mostly due to feelings of inadequacy, they feel the people in the crowd are smarter, or whatever.

A college professor of mine taught me a little trick I’ll pass along to you. Visualize every person in the crowd stripped down to their underwear, which will make them appear silly and less daunting, making you superior to them. Visualize the other players wearing silly hats or anything else which your mind sees as inferior. That’ll pop the bubble that every one is better than you.

Tricks Fastpitch Softball Pitching

Pitchers then should know that they need to be good students of the game and be aware of what is needed from them in the different situations that can take place during a game. Pitchers usually are the difference maker in a game and so if they don’t have their A game, then chances are their team won’t be victorious. The following softball pitching tips are good pointers for the position and give pitchers a good heads up on how they should approach their craft.

Throwing a curve-ball. Pitchers should know that in order to maximize the curve, you should visualize a series of dots from the mound to the outside corner of the plate. Pitch along those dots.

Throwing a fastpitch rise. It’s possible that your wrist snap may be sideways. Play with different grips or finger pressures and try to relax them.

Throwing a change-up. Don’t always throw the change-up in a given situation. Make sure to change your pitch selection.

Throwing a drop-ball. Keep your pitching arm close to your body to avoid injury.

Girls Fast Pitch Softball

Coach Within Yourself. You can’t be someone you’re not, or conduct yourself as a coach they way you see someone else do it. Get comfortable with yourself and do it your way.

Downplay wins and losses. When coaching softball, escpecially at the younger levels, coaches have to learn to ignore the scoreboard and focus on teaching and making the game fun. If all you think about is the score then your players will eventually notice. If you make it known that the score is not important to you whether you’re winning or losing by a lot of runs then your players will follow your lead.

Create Pride In Your Program. Do it the hard way: through hard work and success; through items of clothing – sweatshirts, jackets, t-shirts and uniforms – with neat team logos; through publicity, through your own effort.

You want to be a little nervous. Adults get nervous before they have to make big presentations to clients, trying to close business deals, or asking the boss for a raise. That’s because we really care a lot about what happens (especially when it comes to getting a pay raise!) Players experience the same jitters before softball games because they have a desire to do well. Let your players know that being nervous before the opening pitch is okay and normal. Being nervous is a good sign that shows they care about the game. Pros and kids alike get nervous before games! To fight pre-game edginess, tell your players to take a few deep breaths, which helps calm the body and relax the muscles.

Some Ways to Play Better in Softball

For the follow-through the hips and the waist will continue their natural rotation as the body moves slow down. It is also important to consider the movement of the eyes and the head, why? Because, these are the important body parts that helps you to remain focused on the pitcher’s release point of the ball and stay alert and active.

But, how are you going to use your eyes and head in a softball game? Here are some easy steps you can do. For “stance” both eyes must be focused on the pitcher’s cap. For “swing” the eyes needs to follow the ball into the head of a bat. For a “follow-through” the head moves only after the chin touches the back shoulder. For a “weight Shift” the eyes moves in the direction of the pitcher’s release point.

Furthermore, an effective softball coaching also considers the effective softball pitching mechanics. So what are the important factors to be considered in a pitching mechanics? The gait or stride dictates the pitch’s path and velocity. A glove hand extends in front of the pitcher. Stride the lower half of the left and comes forward with a slight bend as the stride foot makes get in touch with the ground.

The upper body must be standing tall and the foot lands slightly closed at around 1 o’clock positions a direct line with the target. The stride knee rises up with the glove reaching forward. An arm action must be considered in a soft ball game as wells. Picture the arm as a weight on the end of a string rotating around the shoulder.

The arm throughout the pitching motion must be relaxed relatively straight for the throwing hand in order to reach its maximum radius. The pitching arm shoulder at the top of the windmill action, the shoulder moves rearward as the body opens.

The arms at release brush very close to the hip with a whipping action to the arm at the release. The hand must be “cocked” behind the wrist prior to release. The upper arm must decelerate while the lower arm keeps moving. Lower arm should be straightened. Wrist snaps at the release. Elbow is unlocked, bending slightly during the release with a considerably bend after the release.