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Baseball Vision Hitting Tee

That brings me to your hands if you can see the baseball clearly your hands will follow you eyes to the point of contact on the baseball with the bat. But, if you can’t see it you will never be able to hit it. Your front foot should be down on the ground all the way in a close position before the ball reaches the hitting zone. Right handed hitter If your front foot lands on the ground pointing toward third base or the pitcher your hip have open up to soon taking your power away from you before you start your swing and the same is true for a left handed hitter.

Improve your swing and hitting mechanics so that you can compete at any level of baseball or softball. Baseball and softball players should train their eyes to see a baseball coming toward them so that they can prepare for a 80-95 mile per hour fast ball.

Baseball vision training helps baseball players to totally concentrate and focus their eyes on the ball while at the same time training your eyes to see and hit a moving object. This hitting technique can be utilized in-door or out-door, day or night starting as early as 2 years of age and continuing into t-ball, little league, high school, college and into professional baseball.

This training technique will eliminate having to set-up or pick-up baseball after hitting balls off the batting tee. This technique works because as the ball moves back and forward in and out over the strike zone it forces your eyes to concentrate on the movement of the ball entering the hitting-zone.