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Eating Good For Pitching

Why does the pitcher in particular need to focus on a good, balanced wholesome diet? In order to approach the reasons efficiently, you first need to understand what pitching does to the body of the pitcher. The very nature of the baseball pitch is a full body powerful movement that is marked by both extreme technique and speed. The technique involved requires the entire body to work in one fluid motion to send the ball flying at immense speeds toward the catcher’s mitt. Not only does the body need perfect coordination, but it is from the nerves that are sent from the brain that coordinate the movement of a pitcher in perfect harmony. Also, the arm and shoulder girdle, particularly the rotator cuff are exposed to tremendous speed and force development. It is this speed and force that leads to trauma to the tendons and muscles of the shoulder and arm. Also, working at full speed takes a toll on even the nerves themselves.

Now that you have a rough idea of what the pitcher’s body is exposed to at every practice, you must understand why diet plays such an important role. Our bodies get all the nutrients they need to repair and rebuild from the food we eat. If the proper nutrients that a nutritious balanced diet offers are not available for utilization by the body, the body will not be able to heal effectively, nor rebuild damaged tissues. This means that all the wear and tear from daily practices will slowly destroy the body and the body will not be able to cope over the long term. On the other hand, a body that has a full balanced diet has all the nutrients it needs to repair and rebuild, and hence adapt to training. It is through adaptation that the pitcher becomes faster, stronger, and better. Hence, it is a proper diet that leads to better pitching.

Better pitching is possible only through proper training coupled with a body that is receiving all the tools it needs to repair itself and adapt. A healthy balanced diet allows the pitcher’s body not only to repair itself after the wear and tear of every practice, but also gives the body the necessary energy to give 100% at each and every practice. With this extra vitality, the quality of the baseball training itself is augmented, leading to greater gains. So not only does diet do the obvious by allowing the baseball pitcher to recover from the cruel and unusual punishment that the fastball represents, but it also allows the fastball to get much, much faster!