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Girls Fast Pitch Softball

Coach Within Yourself. You can’t be someone you’re not, or conduct yourself as a coach they way you see someone else do it. Get comfortable with yourself and do it your way.

Downplay wins and losses. When coaching softball, escpecially at the younger levels, coaches have to learn to ignore the scoreboard and focus on teaching and making the game fun. If all you think about is the score then your players will eventually notice. If you make it known that the score is not important to you whether you’re winning or losing by a lot of runs then your players will follow your lead.

Create Pride In Your Program. Do it the hard way: through hard work and success; through items of clothing – sweatshirts, jackets, t-shirts and uniforms – with neat team logos; through publicity, through your own effort.

You want to be a little nervous. Adults get nervous before they have to make big presentations to clients, trying to close business deals, or asking the boss for a raise. That’s because we really care a lot about what happens (especially when it comes to getting a pay raise!) Players experience the same jitters before softball games because they have a desire to do well. Let your players know that being nervous before the opening pitch is okay and normal. Being nervous is a good sign that shows they care about the game. Pros and kids alike get nervous before games! To fight pre-game edginess, tell your players to take a few deep breaths, which helps calm the body and relax the muscles.