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Sound Body

Prioritize your health. Our body is such a wonderful machine and do performs a lot of activities simultaneously. By providing your body with healthful substances, you would be able to benefit more than you can imagine. Taking enough fruits and vegetables combined with supplementary vitamins, you would be amazed on how energetic and vigorous you are! Treat your body like a precious gem. If you take care of your body, it will also take care of you. It can do a big difference by giving you the power to finish all your dreams and responsibilities without getting ill.

·         Listen to what your body tells you. Once in a while, our system also breaks down. That is why pains occur. If you feel any pain, don’t ignore it. Remember that pain is the alarm system of your body and it means there’s something wrong inside. You may be a tough softball player, but once pains persist, you can’t stop it. Injuries take time to go away. Seek any qualified specialists or doctors to help you get rid of pains. Prevention is better than cure. There are some preventive therapies that will “tune in” your body and create a more durable shape. These are yoga, acupuncture, deep-tissue massage and chiropractic.

·         Buy a good pair of running shoes. During your softball training, you will be spending so much time with it. Make sure that you purchase that are of excellent quality. Investing money in good pairs of running shoes can help prevent future injuries. For according to the study, lower body injuries resulted from poor footwear.

·         Take care of your eyes and arms very well. Since you tend use these parts all the time, make sure that they are always in good condition. You can’t hit the ball if your eyes are poor. No softball player would even want to play wearing eyeglasses. Also, your arms do need for consideration. Arms and shoulders injuries can hinder your ability to perform well. Do some warm-ups and cool downs before and after your routines. At first sign of pains, seek an immediate treatment to prevent it from getting worse.